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Your portrait as an exclusive fresco

Your portrait as an exclusive fresco

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A beautiful portrait of yourself, or the ones you love, is the greatest every day joy and beyond: it creates your own heritage

How to explain a portrait as a fresco?

A fresco is made of paint on wet chalk (al fresco) or dry chalk (in secco). One of the most famous Fresco’s is from Michelangelo, in the Sistine Chapel. With that in mind I created the ‘fresco on canvas’. 

A signature style

I prepare a 50 cm x 50 cm stretched linen canvas with natural-colored chalk paint. That creates a dry fresco (secco), a kind of ‘stone’ structure that is a basis for the drawing.  I then draw on that chalk layer with sanguine.

The Master’s tool

Sanguine is a chalk of reddish-brown color that has been used for drawings for centuries. Great portraits from e.g. Leonardo da Vinci were made with sanguine.

Starting with a posing session

The basis for your own masterpiece is your personality: expression is part of the art work. I capture it in a relaxed (photo) posing session. This image is the basis for the creation.

My “fresco portrait” from an oil painting Rafaël made of himself.

The result? A beautiful piece of art

The combination of the chalk on a stretched linen canvas (fresco), the size (50 cm X 50 cm), and the refined drawing style with sanguine, creates an elegant portrait, in which the subject becomes an object of art itself. 

A portrait has to be an expression of the soul in the first place.

No gift brings more everyday joy

About ‘life’, all cliché’s are true.

Time is limited and enjoying it in the moment is an art. That philosophy is the essence of having something unique on your wall, something of your own

Something that always reminds you of a happy moment in time.

Isn’t that the best art?

“I have created a new signature art form”

Signature look

This dry secco drawing requires new artistry, because regular technique’s like erasing and feathering don’t work. The style in which I create is in the grace of the Renaissance: a subtle combination of details and shadows. 

Secco fresco

Chalk is a natural ingredient for real chalk paint. 95% of what are called ‘chalk paints’ actually contain no chalk, but glue for binding the pigments, instead of chalk.  Only real chalk paint produces a stone-like layer (secco fresco).

Personal color

Together we choose the background color, as it has to embody your personality. I use natural pigments and real chalk paint. The result is an artwork that will impress for decades to come because its never out of fashion.

An outspoken look & feel

Drawing is just part of the art.

The value of my work is in the signature style of the chalk on a stretched linen canvas (fresco), the size (50 cm X 50 cm), and the refined drawing style with sanguine. 

It involves a combination of originality, artistry and consistent execution.

‘Wealth’ is passing on something beyond money

Money can be spent, but money spent well creates the privilege to pass on something extra- a lasting impression and recognition.

Portraits with ‘a wow’



Express your personality

Self portraits

My “fresco portrait” from an oil painting Rafaël made of himself (1504)

Fresco version from a photo self portrait (selfie style) (2019)

Fresco version from Vincent van Gochs’ self portrait (1889)

Fresco version of Rembrandt’s self portrait with ‘rings’ (1664)

RAW life studies

The contrast can’t be a any larger

“Fresco portrait” 110 cm X 75 cm

50 cm X 50 cm

“Fresco portrait” 25 cm X 25 cm

Meet me with my custom made Art Trunk to experience the real look & feel

Just a thought

“We already had a painting of our daughters. What Milco did is really another artistic step beyond the ordinary. It creates a unique impressive look. It’s light, stylish, has a symbolic borderless, and also has a kind of solid, eternal feeling.”

Charlotte de B.

“Money is just printed paper, but pigments placed creatively is value”

What has to last, starts with materials that are made to last


I use heavy, tightly woven linen. That is the best you can get and much stronger then cotton. 

Gallery quality

The stretcher bars used are made of fine, well-dried, solid wood, for an impressive, gallery-quality presentation, and in the first place: to last.


Part of the beauty and the personal touch is the choice of the frame. 

“If you want a ‘photorealistic’ image…take a photo!”

Milco Linssen

Schedule a (free) appointment to see how I work and for inspiration 06 33655480