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Pritcher Pillows

Dé SlaapCode

Pillow Wrapper

Avondklok einde om 04.30. Delft in de sneeuw op 7 februari 2021.

My Vincent van Goch in fresco style.

My Rafael fresco style, made from his own self portrait.

My boys in fresco style.

One of the oldest hairdressers in The Netherlands / Delft.

Glass design with two compartments for a combination coffee – liqueur.

Pritcher Pillow, an innovative pillow based upon what is needed to sleep. In business since 2015.

Museum hall 24 mt X 4 mt with infinitive waves of life.

‘C’est la fête’ art work. 1,4 mt X 0,9 mt. Builded on an airbrushed background with bubbles and a geometric perfect heart with real champagne corks in a leather frame.

The basic idea for an apartment building based on a barrel.

Visual of the barrel apartments.

Imagine a patio apartment with a great repetitive design.

Visual of the patio design.

Ingenious design.

Nothing beats a linen chalk painted backdrop.

My own linen backdrop for a unique photo session in Museum Prinsenhof.

Tulip design for pillow cases.

Cold smoker with engraved salmon.

Tulip fields in Covid-19 period.

One of my favourite portraits. Classic, iconic, timeless, Toon Paap in Museum Prinsenhof.

With my Pritcher Pillow in one of the museum halls.

Beyond ‘Royal’.

Dutch history at its finest. The stairs where Willem van Oranje was killed. With my Pritcher Pillow. They were also the stairs to his bedroom!

Frozen in a timeless duo portrait. Cliche, but priceless. The look is unfathomable.

Is it 1600 or 2020? Men looking at the man walking past.

Lovers for ever. In the background the symmetry of two paintings and in the front the perfect symmetric travel pillow in a graceful composition.

Photo session for new advertisement. It’s about whatever you want to think…

The alter ego ‘Dr. Sleep’ for my book The Sleep Code.

Luxury is all about the image. Lavish.

Subtle hint to the product. Luxury is a feeling.

Beautiful, stylish, classic. Luxury at its best.

I love this one. I made it in Biarritz and it shows French school kids getting surf instruction, on the foreground a man doing his exercises.  Young vs old. The circle of life.

I had to ask him 3 times over a year and finally the farmer in my former street agreed to pose. 

One of my beautiful business portraits with great lightning and composition.

These people keep the streets clean and mow the grass. Proud on the iconic look of them all.

I love the real authentic ambiance of these folks. What a portrait!

Somewhere in Sicilie. Pure landscape in just two colors.

‘No home, no money, no family’. I made this one in Riga. It imprints the meaning of ‘Raw’.

My first drawing.

Somewhere in Sicily. The beauty of a serene setting in the morning sun.

One of the portraits of men of Sicily. Say no more.

What is he thinking? These images show purity.

Happiness is as pure as the opposite.

This is irony for western people. On top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai around sunset, you’re wondering why taking a (for me) unrecognizable selfie? Note the fancy shoes and bags and the mother guarding over her (probably) daughters.

Although its history is horrible, this image of the ‘Chiefs home in Nazi camp Westerbork’ is great. Note the man at the right imagining what has happened here.

Merchants in Global Village (Dubai area), unfiltered.

In Vilnius (Lithuania) this is the last symbol of communism. Made with my Sony A7-X and a 50 year old Super-Takumar 1.4/50mm.

On a morning at the Santa Monica Pier around 05.00. I gave him $ 5.00 (in his hands) and the only thing he could say was ‘How many beers can i buy?’ The real raw.

A powerfull yet gentle portrait of a sports doctor in Amsterdam.

One in a million image and one of my thousands images taken in my life. This is a classic made around 1980 in The Hague. A tramp somewhere with a bottle in his coat. Note the perspective and the man within it.

A selfie for a drawing.

The modern selfie as fresco portrait. This is when i started to take my portraits to the next level.

One of the photo sessions for the Pritcher travel pillow at Schiphol.

One of my imaginations which i art directed. It is used for national advertisement.

An idea i got for a signature ring on the infinity theme. Made real by a lovely friend.

How i created the theme ‘Dreaming’ for the brand Pritcher Pillows.

Tulips fields on sun rise with rain in the air.

A pottery idea to create a porcelain pillow with hidden notes that revealed the secrets of good sleeping.

A great coffee concept from scratch.

Covid-19 or not, people gathering during sunset in the Vondelpark (Amsterdam) to enjoy. Great light and ambiance.

For 10 years i was founder and director of the largest independent association for medical specialists in Holland with around 5500 members. One of the highlights was creating a structure for independency.

Download the document >>

A trunk to carry my fresco portraits. With a built in stand, special inner work with wool to protect the frames. On the outside a bar to present the art work.

The revolution in tea.